Blog Top 10 Advertising Apps March 2021

Top 10 Advertising Apps March 2021

top 10 advertisers for march 2021

Paid growth strategies can be extremely powerful for boosting app downloads. Last week, we examined Warpath’s aggressive growth strategy and how they succeeded in increasing downloads. In this article, we will take a look at the app user acquisition strategies of the top advertising apps for March 2021. 

Using mobile ad intelligence tools, we will take a look at the mobile ad networks used by these apps along with creative counts and other mobile app advertising strategies.

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Top Advertisers for App Store

In the App Store, gaming apps have dominated the top advertising apps list. We can see that 7 out of the 10 apps are gaming-based. Olymp Trade and are finance apps while Bigo Live is listed under social networking. 

The mobile ad networks used by these apps can also be seen. When we observed at the app level, we noticed that Mopub, Admob, Unity, AppLovin, Facebook, and IronSource took the majority of the creatives for most of these apps. 

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Top Advertisers for Play Store

For the Play Store, we can see that the list is not as dominated by gaming apps. Actually, the top 4 consists of only non-gaming apps. Wish, TikTok, Cash’em and Bigo are leading the chart. When it comes to mobile ad networks, we can see a similar pattern to the App Store. Facebook, Admob, Unity, IronSource, and AppLovin are most preferred by the top advertisers.

FinTech apps and especially cryptocurrency trading apps have been really popular in the last year. is one of the finance apps which advertises aggressively. was ranked 20 on the list for February 2021. Let’s take a look at the changes in their app marketing strategy to understand the reasons behind their 12 rank increase. Campaign Analysis for February 2021

In February 2021, used a total of 3,995 creatives. They used 14 mobile ad networks to distribute their creatives in 15,751 publishing apps. Campaign Analysis for March 2021

A much more aggressive creative advertising strategy can be instantly seen. In March 2021, nearly doubled its creatives compared to the previous month. 9,967 creatives were distributed through 17,687 publishing apps. Additionally, we can see that IronSource is no longer listed in the ad networks list. 

Following the common strategies used by cryptocurrency trading apps, also emphasized the increase in the price of Bitcoin to make their creatives more attractive.

Tile Master – Classic Match

Tile Master – Classic Match is yet another app which moved up in the Top Advertisers list for the App Store. 

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In February 2021, Tile Master was ranked 8th on the top Advertisers list. The app increased to 3rd place in March 2021, passing some big names such as Project Makeover. As usual for a gaming app, video creatives play a majority role in Tile Master’s app user acquisition strategy. 

AdMob and Unity are the most preferred mobile ad networks for this app, taking almost a 60% share. The games’ 1,169 creatives were published in 14,082 apps during March 2021.

We can see that Tile-Master is advertising itself all around the world. 

The creatives of the game are also very interesting. As video creatives display a lot of the UX in a short amount of time, potential users are able to judge apps rather quickly. In Tile Master’s creatives, we can see that the user’s brain age is being measured as they play along. It is easy to understand how the game can be captivating as it probably keeps you trying harder and harder.

Dancing Road Color Ball Run

Dancing Road is a colorful arcade game that is new to the Top 10 Advertising apps list. Using mobile app intelligence tool, we can see that the game is very popular amongst users. App ratings and reviews should be closely monitored by developers.

top advertising apps reviews

No matter how much you advertise your app, providing a good user experience is crucial for increasing your potential revenue. We can see that this game which combines popular songs with a fun gaming experience is widely liked by the audience.

Through their reviews analysis, we can see that users frequently use words such as  “amazing”, “nice”, “fun” and “love”. Such review tools are important for another reason as well. If there is an issue with your app, these tools will allow you to be aware of the issues, which leads to maintaining an optimal user experience. Interacting with users should be at the top of any app marketing best practices list. 

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Dancing Road Campaign Analysis for March 2021

Compared to other apps in the list, we can see that Dancing Road is using less creatives. Again, as it is a gaming app, video creatives take a large portion of the efforts. Interestingly, this app has used Mintegral as their primary mobile ad network. Admob, Mopub, Unity, and AppLovin were also used in their strategy. 

With very attractive colors and flashy effects, this app is surely a treat for the eye. Also, the fact that it allows users to play their songs is surely effective for attracting potential players.

Wish – Shopping Made Fun

Wish is probably one of the best-known apps in the world. This shopping app is always near the top in its category. Not surprisingly, they are the top advertiser in the Play Store for March 2021. 

Wish Campaign Analysis for March 2021

We can see that Wish is advertising on a much higher level compared to the other apps. Shopping apps usually use image creatives as their primary choice. Wish is also following this trend with nearly 94% of their creatives being images.

Facebook is the primary mobile ad network that Wish uses with an 83% share. As it is a shopping ad, Facebook gives Wish the ability to reach a huge audience with various tastes, attracting new users. 

Wish used an astounding number of creatives in March 2021, which is 59,851. Through 13 mobile ad networks, users of 20,333 apps viewed the creatives of this shopping app.

Operating in various countries, Wish is advertising all around the world, reaching large audiences and growing the app. 

For a shopping app, it is important to translate creatives into local languages as people need to understand your value propositions. Unlike a gaming app, it is much more unlikely for a person to use a shopping app that they do not understand the language of.

We hope that you enjoyed our review of the top advertising apps of March 2021. If you are thinking of how to promote your app, our industry-leading mobile ad intelligence tool can definitely help you. Schedule a demo with us today and take your app marketing strategy to the next level!

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