Vantage saves 59% on cost-per-goal in Brand campaigns

The Result

decrease in the overall cost per goal


decrease in first-time deposit


automations on brand campaigns

Vantage, a leading player in the mobile trading market, experienced multifaceted challenges in marketing their app before engaging with MobileAction. Bernice Chong, Performance Marketing Specialist at Vantage, discussed their app growth journey and the role of MobileAction in their success.

The challenge

Before discovering MobileAction, Vantage heavily relied on Apple Search Ads’ native platform. While it provided advanced tools for their campaigns, Vantage struggled to automate keyword research and campaign management processes. Bernice Chong stated, “I was concerned with cost per first-time deposit (FTD), the manual effort needed to optimize multiple campaigns, and limited keyword suggestions in Apple Search Ads.” Ensuring optimal campaign performance, keyword suggestions not meeting their needs, and lack of competitor insights were significant challenges. Vantage also faced a challenge in determining the next steps for their ASO activities and sought dedicated support to guide them forward.

The solution

Discovering MobileAction and proved pivotal for Vantage. Vantage was drawn to MobileAction’s suite to explore various solutions for its ASO and ad intelligence capabilities. MobileAction’s comprehensive tools for competitor research, keyword optimization, and campaign automation stood out among alternatives. Notably, the integration of offered campaign management with advanced Automations, significantly reducing the overall cost per first-time deposit while increasing campaign goals. In addition, Vantage benefited from MobileAction’s ASO Audit services to identify opportunities for enhancing their visibility within the storefronts where they operate.

Bernice Chong
Performance Marketing Specialist

“As a Performance Marketing Specialist at Vantage, I have relied on MobileAction and to propel our app promotion efforts forward. The insights provided and exceptional support have been instrumental in achieving our goals efficiently. I wholeheartedly recommend MobileAction for its reliable solutions and unwavering commitment to client success.”

The result

The impact of MobileAction’s solutions on Vantage’s performance was remarkable. Within a short timeframe, the company witnessed a substantial reduction in overall CPG from $332 to $136, accompanied by a notable increase in storefront impressions. By embracing’s Automations, Vantage achieved a 15% reduction in FTD within just three weeks. This translated to tangible improvements in user acquisition and campaign ROI. By implementing over 50 automations and utilizing the insights gained from our experts for the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, Vantage experienced a remarkable decrease in the EU Brand Campaign’s CPG from $218 to $162.

Moreover, Vantage successfully navigated the ASO landscape. They benefited from MobileAction’s dedicated ASO Audit services, which led to an increase in storefront impressions in India without additional spending. They raised the number of first-ranked keywords by 45% and integrated over 300 new organically ranked keywords.

Vantage emphasizes the support received from MobileAction’s team throughout their journey. Bernice Chong stated, “The team is prompt in responding to our queries, provides clear information, and is always able to address any of my concerns,” to indicate the proactive assistance they get, which plays a part in overcoming challenges and maximizing the platform’s potential.

Looking ahead, Vantage remains committed to leveraging MobileAction’s platform and services for sustained growth and optimization. With plans to further capitalize on’s Automations and keep getting MobileAction’s dedicated support and ASO Audits, Vantage aims to unlock additional value and drive even greater performance results.

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