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Blog 🥇 App Store Optimization Tips & Checklist
Mobile Action Team
Your app's icon is a key component of your App Store Optimization. It can be fun to start designing an icon, but that excitement...
Mehmet Can Cavas
Marketing an app is an intricate process. There are many factors to consider, fine-tune and optimize. Luckily, many times you will find that your...
Mehmet Can Cavas
2020 has been a rather interesting year for everyone. Worldwide lockdowns forced people to change their lifestyles, adapting to the “new-normal”. The app business...
Mehmet Can Cavas
The latest update of the popular messaging app WhatsApp caused outrage all around the world. According to Forbes, WhatsApp will require users to accept...
Eylul Tolunguc
In our Visibility report update post and Visibility analysis post, we have talked about why visibility is a crucial step in ASO if you...
Eylul Tolunguc
The number of apps in both of the two major app stores are up to six million and increasing day-by-day. When both Google Play...
Eylul Tolunguc
In our previous blog, we introduced you to our new Visibility Analysis Tool.Visibility Report provides you with an overall picture of the popularity of...
Eylul Tolunguc
In today’s global app stores, positioning your app based on the local characteristics is becoming a necessity. In other words, a successful ASO strategy...

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