What We Offer with Ad Intelligence

Ad Network Analysis

Top Advertisers in Facebook, AdMob, Vungle and Unity for every category.

Impression Share

Impression shares of any app filtered by category and ad networks to differentiate and analyze competitors.

Creative Gallery

All of the different creatives an app uses for their advertisements on different ad networks.

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Top Advertisers

See the top advertisers in each ad network and category. Identify which ad networks your competitors are focusing on and learn more about who you will be competing against in each category and ad network.


Campaign Analysis

Analyze your competitor’s ad campaigns. Check all the creatives they are using and ee what type of creatives bring the most impressions to them. Understand how much they are spending on each campaign by checking their impression shares.

  • Sagi Dekel
    “We constantly use Mobile Action to better understand and develop our status on the App Stores. What we like best about Mobile Action is their willingness to understand our unique needs and promptly build a great solution, they are truly great partners.”
    Sagi Dekel
  • Ash Chadha
    “Mobile Action has been an excellent partner in helping us grow our install base through its best-in-class marketing intelligence and data insights for ASO.”
    Ash Chadha
    Head of Marketing, BitTorrent Inc
  • Shoham Lashkar
    “Since we started using Mobile Action, we were able to save a lot of data collecting hours and invest them in our optimization process. Mobile Action has also developed some unique features to cater to our specific business needs.”
    Shoham Lashkar
    Head of ASO at Ilyon
  • Aviva Telias
    “As one of the leading performance marketing agencies for ASO, we chose to work with Mobile Action because of the outstanding service and flexibility, accommodating their platform and features for our needs.”
    Aviva Telias
  • Jessica Mallison
    “I have thoroughly enjoyed using Mobile Action. They have a great capacity for the keywords you can monitor. The whole platform is laid out well and everything is easy to find. They also have very useful functions, for example integrating your iTunes Account in order to download all your existing keywords.”
    Jessica Mallison
    Redbox Mobile
  • Jim Range
    “The ASO Report has enabled getting deeper insight around what is working or not working; and equally if not more importantly, discovering new keywords to prioritize. Using these tools over a short period of time, Heyalda had as much as 5x app store impressions, page views and downloads for several of Heyalda's games.”
    Jim Range
  • Wassim Guerbaa
    “Mobile Action must be one of the most reliable and best app tracking radar in the market. Organic Keyword intelligence lets you know almost in real time what keywords are trending or useful.”
    Wassim Guerbaa
    Supreme Media

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