What is App Store Optimization?

Use App Store Optimization (ASO) to improve your App Visibility and increase App Installs

App Store Optimization is a must for every mobile app developer.

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is one of the most efficient channels of App Marketing. If you’re serious about your growth, you will need App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization aims to increase your visibility in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and conversion rates to ensure that your app gets the highest possible number of organic traffic.

The main goal of ASO is not to get the highest traffic possible but it’s to get the highest quality traffic to your app. This is achieved through making your app visible and also optimizing your app in such a way that they will convert most of the users who find your app.

Visible apps will draw organic traffic that will make the app grow constantly.

You can increase your app store visibility with ASO through finding and targeting the most appropriate keywords to represent your app in the market.

The Dual-Nature of App Store Optimization

As we have mentioned before, App Store Optimization is a combination of two separate processes with different goals.

Increasing App Visibility and Increasing Conversions are both central to a successful app store optimization strategy. These two distinct goals are achieved through two distinct channels.

1.Keyword Optimization: Optimizing your app store keywords is the most important process in increasing your app store visibility as you have %100 control over which keywords you want to target.

2.Optimizing App Store Creatives: Optimizing your product page creatives to ensure the highest possible conversion rate is extremely important to both support your visibility and also benefit from being highly visible.

The most important factors that affect your ASO vary between different app stores. For more information, check our e-books.

How to do ASO?

As App Store Optimization is achieved through two different sets of practices with different end-goals, the way to do each of them is quite different too.

  1. Keyword Optimization: Keywords are the backbone of getting your app discovered in the app stores. Finding the best possible keywords to represent your app is the central process of Keyword Optimization. The Keyword Optimization cycle is one of the most important aspects of ASO and it differs from app to app. Check our detailed guide for Keyword Optimization.
  2. Conversion Rate Optimization: If your app page cannot convince visiters to download your app, what’s the point of having a highly visible app? The main goal of conversion rate optimization is to find the best possible creatives and metadata that will catch the attention of organic users and at the same time, will convince them to download your app.

Both of these processes are significantly different for iOS apps and Android apps as the nature of the two stores are different.

The factors that are used to rank your app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store are completely different except for a very few.

Similarly, the way apps are listed and the product pages are constructed are significantly different from each other.

Simple ASO Guide

  • Audit your own app to find your flaws.
  • Check your competitors to find what they do different.
  • Fix your issues.
  • Observe your app, keep researching better possibilities and grow steadily.
  • Be patient!
  • A/B testing your creatives and keywords will help you find the perfect set faster.