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Top 10 Fitness Apps Worldwide for December 2019

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The above chart shows the Top 10 Fitness Apps Worldwide in December 2019 for the App Store, Google Play Store, and both stores combined. The apps are sorted from most downloaded to the least. As Google Play Store had 67% more downloads for the top 10 fitness apps than did the App Store, the majority of the apps in the overall section are from the Google Play Store. At first glance, we observe an obvious dominance of the apps of Leap Fitness Group in the Google Play Store while in the App Store, there seems to be a variety of different app publishers.

With its complete health & fitness tracking dashboard, Fitbit has become the most downloaded app of December 2019 in both the App Store and overall. Following Fitbit, 30 Day Fitness is at the second place in the App Store. Home Workout is the most downloaded fitness app in the Google Play Store and comes in second place in the overall.

What draws our attention for December’s chart is that the apps focusing on weight loss for different user segments such as women, men, people with height or belly fat concern are downloaded more in the Play Store. Although there are also Android version of some of the most downloaded fitness apps of the App Store, users in the Play Store seem to be going for the apps that specialize in a certain area.

This brings us to the question: Can the ASO strategies of these apps be the main reason for users’ tendency to download more specialized apps? To answer this question, let’s take a look at the most download bringing keywords of Fitbit and Home Workout – No Equipment, the top 2 fitness apps in the Play Store.

How does Fitbit get downloads?

fitbit organic keywords
Some Organic Keywords of Fitbit

The table above is from the Keyword Intelligence feature of MobileAction’s ASO Intelligence product. The percentages represent the share of organic downloads coming from each keyword. Having a very strong brand name, Fitbit gets the most downloads from its brand keywords with the keyword “fitbit” bringing 41% of its downloads. This also shows the users who download Fitbit in the App Store come with a clear intention of searching for Fitbit and downloading it.

This is also a clear indication of how the power of a brand affects its downloads. If you check Fitbit’s ranking factors on its App Profile page, you will see that even their strongest ranking factor – their app name has their brand keyword only, which is “Fitbit”. In the Play Store, most other apps use that space to fill in a couple of their best keywords. So, Fitbit has designed its ASO Strategy with a branding approach. And this move has made it the number 2 of the Play Store.

How does Home Workout get downloads?

home workout organic keywords
Some Organic Keywords of Home Workout – No Equipment

Home Workout has a long list of keywords that bring organic downloads. Although each keyword contributes a small share, they focus on coverage with every possible fitness-related keywords. This is a great example of what an app can achieve with a well-thought ASO Strategy. Users who tried mainstream big brands, but are not happy with the results may just go to the App Store and type exactly what they need for: “body build”, “exercise”, “home workout”, and so on. Optimizing the ranking factors to cover all these words would definitely make that big jump in the downloads, as it did for Home Workout – No Equipment.

The download data is sourced from our Market Intelligence product. In addition to download data, our users are able to see Revenue estimations, Daily Active Users (DAU), Monthly Active Users (MAU), and Audience Geography. We offer this data as a dashboard in our Market Intelligence Plan.

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