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Keyword Explorer and Major UI Updates

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App Store Optimization is nothing without knowing where you stand in the crowd. This isn’t something new, but we have improved the ways you can analyze keywords and understand where you stand in the crowd.

Users used to be able to search for a keyword and see the top 10 apps ranking for that keyword. However, what’s the point of seeing the top 10 if you are not there yet?

As a temporary solution, you could check the live rankings of each keyword to see all the apps ranking for that keyword.

We still weren’t satisfied… We wanted a complete Keyword Exploring tool

That’s why the launching the Keyword Explorer tool become a top priority for us!

While we were working on that we also squeezed in some major UI improvements to our Keyword Tracking page to make it much easier and intuitive to navigate and use.

Keep on reading to find the details!

Keyword Explorer

The idea is simple, you search for a keyword, and you’ll get a detailed analysis of the keyword.

Let’s have a look at what type of insights you can with Keyword Explorer!

1.Keyword Search Results

When you search for a keyword on this page, the first thing that will catch your attention is going to be a list of apps that are ranking for that keyword. What’s special here is that you can see every single app that’s ranking for that keyword.

Keyword Explorer-Mobile Action Top Apps
First look at the Keyword Explorer page

2.Shortcuts to App Info Pages

After the top ranking apps, you can see some shortcuts to important pages that will give you insights about the apps on the list.

You can directly jump to the App Profile, App Update Timeline, and Download & Revenue Estimate pages.

Keyword Explorer, app reporting pages
Jump to the detailed app reporting pages to get more insights about each app.

3.Keyword Insights and Suggestions

Not only are you able to find the apps that are ranking for the keyword, or navigate to app reporting pages you can also get a detailed analysis of the keyword you’ve searched for.

You are also able to see:

  • Vital Keyword Metrics such as the Search Score, Chance Score, and Total Apps for the keyword.
  • Search Suggestions which will give you long tail keyword suggestions based on the keyword you searched for.
  • Related Keywords will give you suggested keywords that might be related to the keyword you searched to discover new keywords in your niche.
  • Search Score Popularity History will show you how the Search Score of the keyword you’ve searched has changed over time.
Related search terms and keyword suggestions
Get keyword suggestions and related search terms

UI Improvements

We had plans to improve the UI of Keyword Tracking for quite some time. As it’s one of the most commonly used pages on Mobile Action we didn’t want to wait much longer and we launched the UI improvements alongside the new page Keyword Explorer.

Mainly, we wanted to make Keyword Tracking more organized by separating some of the tabs into different parts of the page to avoid the bloat in tabs we originally had. UI improvements Keyword Tracking

Other than moving around some tabs, we also changed where the iTunes Connect Keyword Spot was displayed and also changed the place of the keyword filtering box. We also removed some unnecessary information from the bar where you see the App Title and reduced the space the remaining info occupies to make it look less crowded.

As this tool is used for extensive periods of time we tried to keep as simple as possible while also improving the usefulness of it at the same time.

Add in some small visual changes to the mix and here we are.

Hope these changes will make the time you spend on Mobile Action more enjoyable.

And as always, we are working hard on bringing you new features and product updates, stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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