The Complete Mobile Action User’s Guide

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Mobile Action User's Guide

If you are brand new to Mobile Action, welcome! If you have visited us before, then welcome back!

This user’s guide will show you what the Mobile Action platform is, how it works and how it can make a significant positive impact on your app marketing and App Store Optimization.


What is Mobile Action?

Our platform provides app developers and marketers like you with access to data that helps you make important decisions about your apps.

We help you with:

  • Finding the right keywords for your app, to rank higher in app store search and get more organic app downloads
  • Tracking your target keywords to monitor their performance and replace underperforming keywords
  • Getting vital data on your competitors like estimated downloads and revenue
  • Researching your niche
  • Monitoring different app store events with email alerts
  • And more!

We provide data on all apps from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Our data is updated daily.

The data in our platform can be used for: 

  • Ranking well for keywords and getting more organic downloads
  • Researching the competition when creating a new app
  • Doing due diligence when buying an app or app portfolio
  • Researching what people are saying about your app and the competition
  • Gaining an understanding of Top Charts apps
  • And more!

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Now that you have a basic idea of what our platform does, let’s take a look at each individual module and how they can help you. 

The Mobile Action User’s Guide

App Report

App stats estimates

The App Report gives you an overview of the important information for any app.

You can will see the following data:

  • Download estimate
  • Revenue estimate
  • Category ranking trends
  • Visibility score history
  • Review/rating trends
  • Audience geography

Here is a video of the App Report in action:

ASO Report

The ASO Report provides a great overview of all of the keywords that an app is ranking for. Use it to research your own app or your competitors. It is a great way to monitor the “ASO health” of any app.

Keyword distribution

Our easy-to-read chart allows you to see how many keywords your app is ranking for in the #1 spot, the top 5, top 10, etc.

Here’s the report in action:

App Update Timeline

The timeline allows you to see how often an app is updated and exactly what has been updated. This is useful for seeing what the app developer is testing.

If they stick with a certain design or description or keywords, you know that it is probably working and you might want to test something similar. This is great for just getting ideas or to save time by narrowing down what is working for others.  

Screenshot changes

App Analytics

The App Analytics module is connected to your iTunes or Google Play Developer account and allows you to see your app metrics, without logging into another account. There are four components to this module.

Like what you are seeing so far? Login here and start using it.

Category Rankings

Examine how your app is ranking in its categories. Then add competing apps to see how well your app compares.

This module is also useful for doing research before launching your app and if you are considering buying an app.

Review Analysis

This is where you can do Review Mining, to find out what people are saying about your app. You can highlight the good things in your marketing and fix the bugs.

You can also examine other apps to see features that people are requesting and expose some of their weaknesses.

Review analysis is also a great place to find new ASO keywords.

To search the reviews of your app, sign up here.

Sales Metrics

See everything that is going on with your app. Get download history, revenue history and retention history. Get breakdowns by country and see conversion rates.


Get your app’s download projection for the next 90 days. This is based on historical data and allows you to predict revenue and adjust for seasonal trends.

App Store Optimization

Our ASO module consists of 5 parts. Each help you with a different aspect of keyword research and selection.

Keyword Tracking

Keyword tracking list

The first step to improving your keyword rankings is to track them. This may seem obvious, but a lot of app publishers don’t do this when they are first starting out.

Our Keyword Tracking module is an easy way to do this and has other useful functions that other keyword tracking tools don’t have. For example, we allow you to add notes to each keyword and color code each keyword for easy reference later.

Watch this video to learn more. To track your first set of keywords for free, sign up here.

Keyword Suggestions

Keyword suggestions

Need some new ASO keywords…but don’t know where to start?

We provide two types of keywords suggestions: 

  1. Keywords that you are already ranking for
  2. Keywords that your competitors are ranking for

Why would you want to know the keywords that you are already ranking for? Well, that is one of the best places to find download relevant keywords that you can possibly rank higher for.

One way to do this is to put that keyword in your app name.

Keyword Investigator

Wondering what keywords your competition ranks for? Well, you could do some manual searching or you can simply use Keyword Investigator.

Just search for the app and we will show you the keywords that the app is ranking for. Track the keywords that are important to your app.

Keyword Research

You have a bunch of great keyword ideas. Now what?

Maybe those keywords aren’t a good fit for your app. But keywords that are closely related to those keywords might be.

The Keyword Research module gives you idea for related keywords and also shows you the top 10 apps that rank for a keyword. This allows you to judge how competitive this keyword is and find alternatives.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis

This is the fastest way to see how well your competition is doing with app store marketing. Our Visibility Score shows you how easy it is to find each one of your competitors, on the app stores.

The competitors you track are also used in other modules, so be sure to add all of your competitors before you start doing your research. Doing so will give you access to their keywords and other recommended actions.

Search Ads

Integrate your Apple Search Ads account and monitor your campaigns right from your Mobile Action dashboard. Since you don’t have to login to another account, you will save time by having all of your data in one place.

Recommended Actions

Wondering where to start

Wondering where to start with your ASO?

It can be a little overwhelming, when you are first starting out. Luckily, Recommended Actions will show you the low-hanging fruit that you need to take care of right now.

Check it out:

Market Intelligence

See our estimate of the keywords that are getting the most organic downloads, for every app. Also see estimated revenue, active users, audience geography and more!

It’s very easy to use and you can start getting insights right away.

Here’s how to get started:

Custom Alerts

Setup email alerts that will notify you when the following happens:

  • App Updates – Track your app or a competing app
  • Daily Stats – Get an update of the daily download and revenue data for your apps
  • Top Keywords – See the top keyword rankings changes for any app
  • Biggest Movers – Watch the top apps that make the biggest moves
  • Biggest Losers – Keep an eye on the biggest losers to find apps that are slipping
  • Review – Stay on top of user reviews and track the reviews for any app

How to use Mobile Action Custom Alerts:

Top Charts

See the Play Store or App Store charts…but with more data! Our Top Charts allow you to see the estimated downloads and revenue for every app on the list, if you are subscribed to Market Intelligence.

This is useful for understanding how many downloads Top Charts apps in your category are getting, and seeing an estimate of how much they are making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I even need App Store Optimization anyway?

Organic downloads are free downloads that you get through app store search, regardless of if you spend money on ads or not. App Store Optimization is a great addition to any paid campaign or if you are just starting out and don’t have a big advertising budget.

It takes some time to optimize your app for search. But you get it working well, it can make a significant contribution to your downloads and revenue.

What do I get with the free Mobile Action Plan?

Our free plan includes access to the following:

  • Full access to App Analytics
  • Access the most important Recommended Actions
  • Access to ASO Intelligence, track 5 keywords for free
  • 5 free credits for ASO Report
  • 5 free credits for Keyword Intelligence
  • 5 free credits for Market Intelligence
  • Apple Search Ads Reporting
  • Top Charts Access
  • And more!

To get a free account right now, click here.

Do you get downloads and revenue data directly from developer accounts?


We use public data to estimate our downloads and revenue data.

We have found that chart rankings, keyword rankings and other indicators are good approximations of download and revenue data. Our proprietary algorithm pieces these data points together to help you understand how other apps are doing.

How do I select the best ASO keywords?

Good question.

We have created these guides to get you started:

External Resources

Here are links to the Apple and Google developer sites, so you can stay on top of the latest specifications and guidelines:


Hope you enjoyed Mobile Action user’s guide.So that is what we do, how to use our platform and the answers to questions that we frequently get.

Got more questions? Feel free to contact us via that little conversation bubble in the lower right corner of your screen.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. đŸ™‚

If you are new to ASO, then also be sure to take our free App Store Optimization course inside Mobile Action Academy.

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