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Announcing the ASO Premium Intelligence Plan

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ASO Premium Intelligence

Whenever we have the chance, we talk to our customers to find out what features are important to them and how we can make our platform the best in the marketplace.

After a lot of conversations, we have decided to consolidate some of our modules and create a Premium Intelligence product for App Store Optimization.

Here’s how it works and who it is for…

ASO Premium Intelligence Features

In our conversations, we found out that there were some features that are only being used by big publishers. At the same time, our customers have mentioned that our product offering can be a little confusing, at times.

So we have streamlined our ASO Intelligence module into 3 sub-modules: 

  • App Analytics
  • App Store Optimization
  • Premium Intelligence

App Store Optimization Menu

This makes it much easier to get to the data you need. Now let’s take a look at the ASO Premium Intelligence module and how it can help you.

premium intelligence menu

ASO Report

The ASO Report shows you how well your app is ranking for all its keywords. What we found was that the only developers who benefited from this were the ones that were already ranking for a lot of keywords.

So to clean up the dashboard, we moved it under ASO Premium Intelligence. To learn more about the ASO Report, read this article.

Keyword rankings in ASO Report

Keyword Intelligence

This used to be a separate product, but instead of having several different plans that you have to sign up for, we have put it under Premium Intelligence.

If you have never used it before, it estimates what percentage of downloads the keywords from competing apps are getting. You can learn more about it here.

App Update Timeline

Our Update Timeline was in beta and now that we have gathered some information about how people use it, we are now ready to make it one of our core products. So now you can see what other apps are changing in their updates.

This can give you ideas on how to improve your ASO. Read more about this module here.


App localization countries

This is a big one. We have been working very hard on this module and it is finally ready for the public.

It will show you exactly how your competitors are doing their localization and how you can use some of those strategies to improve the international visibility of your app.

When you click on a country, you will see the exact description and screenshots that the app uses in that country.

Localization detail

We explain this more in detail in the next blog post.

Review Analysis

This is another feature that we found is primarily used by big publishers. It makes sense because app marketers who work on popular apps will have to search through tons of reviews of their apps and the reviews of other popular competitors.

Smaller publishers can get away with manually searching through reviews or using something like Custom Alerts. In addition, it actually costs us quite a bit to crawl and store this data.

So moving it into the Premium Intelligence product gives us the ability to continue providing this valuable feature to companies that need it most.


So that is how our new ASO Premium Intelligence Plan works and who it is for.

To sign up, go here.

Do you have any questions about ASO Premium Intelligence? Leave a comment below and let us know…

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