How Social Quantum experienced a 41% increase in the number of ranked keywords

The Result

 increase in the number of ranked keywords

Social Quantum, an app development company focusing on creating AAA-level mobile games, receives over 150 million downloads. George Perevoznikov, User Acquisition Manager at Social Quantum, shared the story of how they managed to overcome their challenges and secured higher rankings through a strategic partnership with MobileAction.

The Challenge

Before partnering with MobileAction, Social Quantum faced significant challenges in scaling their mobile gaming apps’ market presence. Their initial efforts in App Store Optimization (ASO) and market research were constrained by a reliance on basic tools, with often restricted keyword research and competitor insights. This approach, coupled with a limited understanding of Apple Search Ads’, made it difficult for them to enhance their visibility and adapt to the mobile gaming sector’s dynamic nature. George defined their main challenge as “We struggled to gain visibility in the marketplace and to understand the nuances of Apple Search Ads in the context of mobile gaming.” Most of their optimization process was based on manual work, which increased the time spent on keyword selection and market analysis. This resulted in inefficiencies and missed opportunities, holding them back from competing effectively in a highly competitive landscape.

The Solution

The transition to MobileAction marked a significant shift in Social Quantum‘s approach to app marketing and optimization. They gained insights into app market dynamics and trends, enabling a more comprehensive strategy for keyword optimization and competitor analysis. To expand their keyword pool and discover new keywords, they utilized tools like Keyword Intelligence, Keyword Explorer, and Keyword Trends, refreshing their keyword strategy. These tools provided accurate estimates of organic download rates and valuable metrics such as Search Score and Relevancy Score. These insights allowed them to target a blend of high-traffic and niche long-tail keywords, optimizing their app’s visibility and engagement.

Additionally, with tools like Keyword Gap and ASO Report, they were able to expand their competitor research and gather more relevant data on their competitors to understand their strategies and update their own to keep up with the competitive landscape.

In addition to ASO Intelligence tools, they also leveraged Ad Intelligence tools such as Creative Analysis and Top Creatives to identify trends in their category and optimize their creative strategy accordingly. They analyzed the impact of ad creatives using impression share data and identified high-performing ad networks in their category to optimize their advertising strategy. George defined this process as “This growth has not only expanded our market footprint but has also set the stage for further expansion and success in the global app marketplace.”

Moreover, MobileAction’s customer success team acted as a trusted advisor and played a crucial role in their journey, offering personalized guidance and support that extended beyond the tool’s capabilities. This partnership facilitated a more efficient operation, reduced workload, and enabled them to refine their market presence significantly.

George Perevoznikov
User Acquisition Manager

“MobileAction has transformed our approach to ASO and Apple Search Ads. The ease of discovering new keywords, along with insights from their competitor research tools, has enhanced our visibility and scalability. The personalized support has made complex data analysis both accessible and actionable for our team. We’ve observed a 41% increase in the number of ranked keywords.”

The Result

Finding new, untapped keywords expanded Social Quantum‘s keyword list. Their extensive competitor research enabled them to discover industry trends and identify high-converting keywords, optimizing their apps’ presence in new markets. The strategic insights and data-driven approach provided by MobileAction customer success team, helped them to get a higher visibility in over 80 countries, with a 41% increase in the number of ranked keywords. Through the tools offered by MobileAction, Social Quantum has overcome market challenges and positioned their app to higher standards.

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